Now Enrolling for the Syncretist Initation! Don't forget to add on the Implementation Coaching if you would like 1:1 coaching to integrate these powerful teachings.

Welcome to the Syncretist Society

Each individual has access to unveiling their unique experience to truly tap into their potential.

Is there a purpose to life? What is it? What is the meaning for you individually? Why do you exist?

Life is not about being happy, successful, having lots of possessions, getting rid of struggle; it is not about any of these things. Life is much more than we think.

We are a group of truth seekers, seeking out the true meaning of life and sharing our vantage point with others. This training will help you tap into your vantage point to clear distortion and to provide you with the data along with integration and practical synthesizing techniques.

The truth is available in every moment and throughout the evolution of consciousness, we have, as a collective, extracted out the meanings and truth of the angles of existence. These are the languages that we will use as the tools to accessing our Truth.

We are here to know why we exist.

Available Courses

Syncretist Initiation

A 6 month journey to explore the mechanisms of existence and evolving consciousness technologies - blending ancient mystery school and esoteric teachings with discoveries in quantum tech in order to know ourselves and decode our reality.

This training is for those that seek the answers to life and have a passion for connecting the dots. In order to be a syncretist, we must be willing to question everything… our previous belief systems, upbringing, cultural homogenization, and be open enough to continually jump paradigms.

Practical Implementation and Coaching for Syncretist Initiation

Complementary coaching for the 6 month Syncretist Initiation: 
We all know how hard it is to actually change our daily habits. Learning new information is empowering BUT without practical implementation knowledge does not get transmuted into wisdom and integrated into our full potential. Don't let the excitement of learning about syncretism stay hidden in this course. BECOME a syncretist! This addon will help you integrate the teachings of the INITIATION into your real life.

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